Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday in class, about a third of the way through, my teacher leaned over and whispered in my ear: you're a miracle. 

I knew that she didn't mean that literally. But in her class I was finally moving like myself. Twisting, bending, balancing. Extending, sweeping, fully present in the flow. I did every plank/up dog/down dog. Bird of paradise with my leg extended. Bound extended angle. Half moon, not touching the floor. Eagle into warrior 3 into leg extended straight out holding my big toe into dancer's pose. Headstands away from the wall. Side planks holding my toe, leg stretched up to the ceiling. 

I was drenched in sweat. Crazy dizzy at moments. I got home and was toast for the rest of the night.

But, this is 5 weeks post surgery. When I take a step back it is amazing, how a body can heal so well from such a shocking and invasive experience.  I've been tentative all this time, worried I couldn't handle or I'd hurt myself or take on to much. Recovery is walking a very fine line between getting back to where you were and respecting where you are. 

Today I drove for the first time, at least more than moving the car to the other side of the street. We took the dogs for a long walk by the river. And I'm exhausted. But that's ok.   

After alternate side I have a meeting about a possible film project. And then, I'm crashing. For as long as I need to. I am so grateful to have the time and space to find my way back to where I was. Or to somewhere new. I'll see how it goes. 


  1. its always about YOU< YOU< YOU ...never the selfish...

  2. Oh I'm sorry anonymous. Did you not know that this was "my" blog? I generally write about my experiences here. Should that not work for you, feel free to stop reading.

  3. This is the recipient posting. How in the world an you suggest someone who gave a kidney is selfish. Clearly you don't understand that this blog is just a slice of Elissa and it is natural in a blog about HER experience as a donor to write about herself. That would be obvious to anyone with a middle school education; I'm sorry that you don't understand.