Monday, July 27, 2015

4 years and counting

I realized today that I hadn't posted on our 4 year anniversary. It's not that I didn't mean to, or the importance in celebrating has lessened in any way, but this winter/spring were full of health challenges for my brother and I wasn't quite sure we'd even be able to celebrate together. But, today, all is getting back to normal and I can breathe easier again. 

In March his colon was perforated during a routine colonoscopy - his organ tissue is "fried" because of the anti rejection drugs he's on. The entire scope punctured and 6 inches were removed during 3 hours of emergency surgery. From there it took what seemed forever for things to find any sort of balance. 5 days in the ICU. 2 plus weeks in the hospital. 6 teams of doctors. X rays and cat scans. Fluid filled lungs. Infections and drains. An ileostomy bag for more than 2 months. An intermittent hospital stay dealing with severe dehydration. Another surgery to get his colon up and running again. 


We spent a lot of time in the hospital together. We watched a lot of TV. I spent a lot of time knitting and chatting and quietly worrying, saving tears for the bathroom at home. 

Throughout though, his kidney continued to kick ass - holding tight onto healthy levels and keeping things on some sort of track. 

Our four year anniversary came and Dave wasn't sure he'd feel well enough to get together. We ended up having last minute chocolate cake, which was great, but he was far from well yet and it was impossible to full on celebrate. Today though, he finally went back to work - after 4 months of recuperating and healing - and now I'm taking a moment to acknowledge how very grateful I am that he's back to mostly better. His will power, his determination, is ever inspiring. 

Looking forward to a major party for 5 years. 


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  2. Really a inspiring and heart touching blog you have shared here with us, Thanks for posting here with all of us. All things will resolve soon .I will pray to get the things better as before.