Thursday, December 23, 2010

initial results are in

I'm a match.

I found out about an hour ago. There was a voicemail on my phone from the transplant coordinator saying that all looked good and we'd move forward in January.

I'm a match.

I started shaking and couldn't listen to the end of the message. I'd been hanging out with a friend and I had to go back, not sure I could get home. Or walk. Or keep standing up without falling over.

I'm a match.

Tears burned slowly out of the corners of my eyes as I told my friend the news I'd just gotten.

I'm a match.

And I felt relieved. Tremendously relieved. A twinge of happiness with a twist of disbelief thrown in.

I headed up the street and called my brother, who didn't answer his phone. I texted. I called again. I wanted him to be the next person to hear the news.

I'm a match.

But, we're not quite sure exactly what that means. We both called the office back only to get a message saying no one would be available until next week. So, at the moment, and with copious online research I know our blood types match, there are no antigen issues, and we're a cross match, meaning his cells don't react adversely to mine. January 3rd I start setting up more testing.

I have to go through a rigorous physical to make sure that all is good and that I can withstand surgery. There's an EKG, chest x-ray, more bloodwork and urine tests. A mammogram and pap smear. Eventually a CT scan of my kidneys with that injected dye. If anything turns up during any of these tests . . . more tests. By the end I'll know exactly going on inside my body. There's also psychological counseling which unnerves me a bit more. I'm just hoping anxiety doesn't get the better of me.

When I told Jack he jumped up and down and gave me endless high fives of excitement. Iz's face stretched tight with a huge smile and then she hugged me, hard, and told me she'd be with me through the whole thing.

My family is amazing.

I am grateful.

I'm a match.

And I'm super grateful for that too.

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