Friday, December 24, 2010

Lewis and Clark

This morning, while in the shower (the place, more than any that ideas come to me), the idea that my kidneys needed a bit more personalization popped into my head. One of my favorite yoga teachers somewhat recently underwent a double hip replacement and she named her new ones. They'd been through a lot together and I suppose she felt the need to acknowledge that.

I get it.

My kidneys are about to be seriously scrutinized and if all goes according to plan, one won't be mine anymore.

The name Kent came first. I suppose it's the K connection. That didn't quite work but Clark Kent spoke to me. An innocuous individual who's secret identity helps people? I was moving in the right direction. But Clark Kent is one person. I thought Lois and Clark, as they're a known pair, but one was always in trouble while the other did the rescuing. Not an analogy I wanted to emulate. And then I hit on Lewis and Clark. Two explorers. Two adventurers. Scouting out situations that were new and different and unknown. It was all uncharted territory. Testing themselves. Pushing their boundaries. Discovering what they were made of along with the world at large.

Lewis and Clark works for me. Lewis is my left kidney, the one that will most likely be moving. Clark, on my right, will be the stay at home kidney. But what an adventure the two of them will have.

Stay tuned.

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