Thursday, June 9, 2011

living in a miracle

I'm back home. Except for the pain meds and the super swollen belly, and the period that's literally just arrived, it's almost like I never left. Mediating arguments about who has to walk the dogs, faciliting dinner, negotiating between siblings, putting things away . . . apparently surgery has no impact on any of the above. 

In a way it's a relief. My life is still my life and I'm easing back into it, which is exactly what I had hoped for. No huge drama. No major complications. Just an easy breezy transplant. 

What's amazing is that's basically what happened and the odds of it working out that way were little to none. Here's where the miracle part comes in. 

My kidney is now working in my brother's body. Total and complete miracle. Not only that, it's working really well. Dave's kidney function levels are almost level with mine after 3 days of this new organ pumping away. 


The team of people who pulled this off pulled off the impossible. I don't know if anyone deep down truly believed this would work. There were so many complications, so many detours and sidetracks and almost dead ends that existed well into the actual surgery. 

And yet, here we are on the other side. 

Total fucking miracle. 

Aside from the pain, which will continue to lessen, I will continue to heal until I'm fine. Another miracle. And my brother? His life changed. Dialysis is a thing of the past. His chest catheter is gone. He can eat bananas again. Miracles, on every level. 

The mundane mixed with absolute splendor just about sums it all up. 


  1. Wow. So wonderful to hear this, so happy that you are up and around already. It's amazing, isn't it?
    A big hug to you.

  2. Wow such beauty. Tears of joy. Bless you and your brother.

  3. I'm so happy everything went so smoothly. You will need to update the subtitle of your blog now!

  4. Thank Mary - I just changed it!!! xoxo