Sunday, June 5, 2011

The kidney Will Come Out. Tomorrow.

First of all, forgive me. That blog title was too perfect to pass up.

This morning I picked my brother up at 7:30, drove him to the hospital, went through admitting and hung out for a bit in his lovely private room with a stunning view. 

As we were walking through the front doors I mentioned that one thing I've been doing to keep things in perspective is to hold onto the fact that millions of people have successfully gone through surgery. Whether in dire circumstances or for superficial reasons, people survive this every day. 

Then my brother said, "Yeah, but how many people go through surgery to help someone else?"

Maybe that's why I'm so ok right now. 

As I drove home I felt content.  Excited. Happy. Almost giddy. How often in life can you feel like you're totally and completely doing what you're supposed to be doing? That you're in the right place? That your actions could make a profound and concrete difference to someone you love?

The nervousness is there. But today I'm going positive. I'm wearing more good luck tchotchkes than any one person should: a handmade Ganesh necklace, my silver kidney bean, 100 wishes on a black leather cord, the elephant bracelet on red string I've been wearing since the day I found out I was a match (my brother's wearing a matching one), a  humongous pink rhinestone ring, a swaha t-shirt that a dear friend gave me. 

I had total parking karma this morning, both at the hospital and back at home. 

It's a stunningly crisp, bright blue sky day. 

My body is aching from the hour 45 Led Zep yoga class I took last night that had me twisted and turning and laughing out loud (namaste MD). Add that to the 10 mile bike ride and yoga class on Friday and I'm comfortably numb. 

There's been endless support and enthusiasm from so many people. Those good wishes are helping keep me afloat. 

I'm heading to brunch with some of my favorite people. 

Then I'm turning Sidney's moving announcement into posters - my brother wants them for the hospital. 

Iz wants to watch 16 Candles with me later. Happy sigh. 

And tomorrow I get to change someone's life. 

Life is good. I am grateful. And I'm 100% ready to send this kidney off to its new home. 


  1. Oh, Elissa! You have no idea how exciting this is for me; truly. I could not be more thrilled for you and Dave if you were my BFF from elementary school. You're amazing, and thank you for sharing your journey, the ups and downs, the thrils and letdowns, with us.
    Please post or Tweet when you're feeling back to normal!
    Sending as much love as I can muster from here in CA!

  2. Sweetheart - you always make my day!!! xoxo