Wednesday, March 2, 2011

transplant branding

Getting a date changed things. It's really happening. It's not conceptual anymore. I'm meeting the surgeon next week. We've got pre-admission testing lined up. 

My head is spinning and I'm grasping at ways to stay grounded.  I need to be busy. I need to create. When overwhelmed by things too huge for me to handle I go to what I know. And so, this transplant has a logo. I've already ordered buttons and I think mugs and t-shirts will be happening as well. 

The transplant's color scheme is red and purple (my brother would like to add yellow, as a nod to pee—I'm not completely on board with that but as it's his experience too I'm staying open).

I'm making a book of everyone's good thoughts and wishes to bring to the hospital. 

I've thought a sort of altar would be nice to have in my room. I'm thinking a lava lamp, mardi gras beads, a buddha and some flowers (in appropriate colors) will do.

I'm putting together surgery and healing playlists.

Yes, I know this is all ridiculous, but it's helping me move through the unknown. 

And today I got the greatest compliment and thank you one could ever imagine. My brother said he's thinking about getting a tattoo of the transplant logo to commemorate one of the most important things he's ever gone through. 

Know what universe?

In the midst of craziness, life is good.


  1. You could make the 3-2-1 and the letters yellow. Love the logo!

  2. That could be perfect - thank you sweetheart!

  3. I was thinking that also, yellow lettering would look nice! Looks great!

    I did similar things when getting ready for labor. I made my labor and delivery playlists, and I got electric candles (they said I couldn't have real candles in the delivery room) to decorate and help set the mood. at my baby shower, everyone brought a bead and I put them all on a cord and brought it with me to the hospital and it represented all my loved ones being there with me. Love the idea of the book of everyones good wishes.

  4. okay, missus... if i were going home to new orleans next week, i'd totally threaten to show my old breasticles if they didn't give me a multiple amount of beads--but, i'm not.

    instead, i'm more than happy to help you any other way i can... i'll pm you my cell.