Friday, June 3, 2011

IT'S A GO!!!!!!!

This morning was so beautiful, crisp and bright and cool, I spur-of-the-moment texted a friend asking if she wanted to go for a bike ride along the west side highway. Unexpectedly she said yes. We hadn't ridden since last fall, when I fell and broke a bone in my hand. But it was too perfect a morning to pass up.

It was windy and we weren't seasoned yet so for the first time in our riding history, we took a break and stopped on benches up at 96th street to chat.

There was a call from the transplant office that I didn't get to in time. As I waited for someone to leave me a voicemail I knew it could good news, another postponement, or some random information about admissions.

It was good news.

It was GREAT news.

Our cross match was perfect. Crystal clear. Absolutely fine. The very last hurdle had been hurdled.

All I could do was smile the biggest smile I have (and Iz will tell you, I smile really big). I felt giddy. Gleeful. Relieved. Happy. Excited.

I knew I should call people and share the good news but for a few minutes I just basked, grateful that I had a friend with me to share the moment with me and that this arduous journey was finally moving to a new stage.

As we rode home the leaves sparkled, the flowers that lined the bike path vibrated in their reds and pinks. The air was warm and sweet.

I was, I am grateful. So grateful. Ultra grateful. To be here. To be healthy. To be a match. To have a support system that blows me away. To have friends I adore. To have a family that goes beyond. To have come through this experience as a calmer and wiser person.

For this moment in my life, the words of Mahatma Gandhi sum up how I feel: be the change you want to see in this world.


  1. Beautiful Elissa! Sending you love and positive thoughts! Joanie

  2. Awesome news. Congrats! Best of luck in moving forward on this journey.