Sunday, April 3, 2011

to be a donor

I was dissed here the other day. An anonymous soul commented that I whine too much. What they actually said was: all you do is whine . . . enuff already (I'm a stickler for spelling and proper punctuation, thus my need to paraphrase).  

That slam brought up many feelings. Anger, hurt, disbelief, disgust, shock, disappointment, self-doubt. A couple of days removed though, it's inspired me to write about something I haven't here before. 

What it is to be a donor. 

I'm not talking just about those, post-surgery, who've given an organ to someone else. I'm talking about everyone who contemplates this journey. Everyone who confronts their fears and their doubts, who chooses the possibility of jeopardizing their own health to help someone else. 

Everyone who offers to be tested. Those who are matches and then go through arduous physical testing and emotional stress unlike anything else. And those who aren't yet continue to search and fight for the people they love, and, in many cases, for total strangers. Since my journey started I've come across such selflessness, such bravery, such good will and dedication and faith. 

Such heroism. 

Families coming together to raise money and awareness. Others putting their own lives on the line to save someone they don't know.  Children, parents, siblings, friends willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to help. 

People creating hope. 

Giving life back to those who've been  compromised in ways we can't imagine. 

To be a donor is to step out of your own life, to venture past your comfort zone, to give in a way few have the opportunity to do. 

You're giving yourself. You're putting you on the line for someone else. You're saving a life. 

The decision to donate is brave and selfless and true. 

Blessings and a huge karmic thank you to all of you who've been on this road. Every one of you is a hero. 

And thank you anonymous, for helping me get to this place. 


  1. So well said Elissa! Brave, selfless & heroic! Blessings to YOU for your self-sacrifice and what you do to increase awareness & to motivate others to give the gift of life!

  2. You are awesome!! As a kidney recipient from my unselfish, incredible sister, I want to thank you for what you are doing for your brother and organ donor awareness....."enuff said"